It’s Here

Well at last my book is out there.

I cried when the first copy arrived and I held it in my hands for the first time. I wrote it in the hope that it would help fellow OCD, anxiety and depression sufferers that there was life after mental illness.

If you’d asked me 11 years ago whether I thought I’d ever be well enough and happy enough to write and self publish a book about my experiences I would have laughed in your face. Back then it felt like my life was over and I’d never be happy again.

Fast forward 11 years and here I am happy, fulfilled and enjoying my life. I am self employed with a couple of other businesses besides my writing and everything I do is done with the intention of making a difference to people’s lives.

My first amazon review was a complete stranger and she said it was helpful and she wished it were longer so I’ve already achieved my goal of helping people with mental health issues. I hope it will be helpful to those that care for sufferers too and give them a little insight into how strange our experiences can be.

Life is good just now and I am already thinking about making a whole series of poetry books which deal with improving the quality of people’s lives.