My book release draws closer

I’ve been pretty busy for the last few weeks. I’ve been sorting out my mum in law’s estate and concentrating on getting further along the path to publishing my first book. One set of activities has been really bad for my anxiety & depression but the book preparations have kept me going.

I’ve now started working with an amazing couple who run a company that helps people like me self-publish. You can find them at Mark has been hard at work on my cover design, after doing my editing. All that’s left now is for Lorna, the other half of the team, to get it formatted for me and then I’ll be able to get it out there.

I’m really excited about it all and can’t wait to share the end result. So I thought I’d do a quick non – traditional haiku to celebrate getting this far. It has the 5-7-5 pattern of words instead of syllables. If you’re unfamiliar with haiku poetry then maybe you need to get the book when it comes out as it contains an explanation of what it involves. It’s also a concise story of my experiences with OCD, Anxiety & Depression and is aimed at anyone who suffers with these conditions themselves or their loved ones or carers.


Written finally done deep joy

Fizzing excited nervous like it will they

Help others see pain fear



Cover design by Mark Reid