Self Care is Important

I’ve recently returned from a week long retreat in Spain where I met an inspirational group of like minded people.
We mediated, did Pilates and sat round the pool chatting about lots of different topics. The villa we were staying at was stunning and had lots of sunny and shady spots to find time to be by ourselves whenever we wanted.
There were two resident cats there too which made me very happy. The smallest was Luna, a two month old kitten who’d been the runt of her litter and been abandoned. One of the retreaters (no idea if that’s a real word but it is now, ha ha) got some meat for her as she was really skinny and fed only on dry food. By the end of the week she was significantly chubbier and really came alive, playing and pouncing on anything that moved.
The other cat was older. Her name was Mittens and she adopted me when I sat on a quiet patio to do my writing. At first I felt a tiny bit irritated as she kept sitting on top of my laptop so I couldn’t get on with writing my book. But I gave in and decided that the universe (substitute source energy, God, mermaids, fairy Queen or whatever else you believe in here) was telling me to leave that alone for the moment and took the lead to write some poetry using my phone and my free hand. The other one was engaged in stroking Mittens. That turned out to be a really calming way to spend my mornings.
I felt so relaxed when I went home and that lasted, despite a phone call which brought me bad news regarding one of my loved ones and enabled me to be strong for my family as they dealt with the news.
And then I am blessed in that, at the end of that week, myself and my gorgeous daughter took off for a two day Spa break we’d won through the business I was involved with. #glowstar19
So the following poem was written whilst we were there.
Hayley and I are on a spa break
Lots of lovely memories in our time we’ll make
We’re chilling out and winding down
No need to stress out, no sign of a frown
We’re taking time to appreciate life
Taking a break from trouble and strife
We could all do this even just now and then
The world would say thank you for being more zen
And maybe just maybe that feeling would spread
To others who are locked in to the thoughts in their head
Too many people spend time feeling sad
When life is for living, such joy to be had
We all need to find time to care for our needs
That detox and reset our magic it feeds
If you can’t do a spa then find something you love
And spend just a short time tapping  into above
Your higher self will thank you and reward you with calm
Soothing and refreshing, just like a balm
But just now I’ll get back to refreshing my soul
So when we go home I’ll feel totally whole
We’re having a read, then massage will follow
Then for Hayley it’s eyebrows, Dinner will follow
I’m so glad we did this, I love her to bits
Our souls are two halves and together we fits
We cherish our time as it’s really quite rare
But we need to remember how much we do care
And carve out the time, when we’re back in the race
Make subtle changes and slow down the pace
We’re off home tomorrow
That’ll be time for sorrow
But now we enjoy the feeling of being
As joy, love and laughter is all we are seeing.