Networking pitch

I regularly attend 4N networking meetings as it helps me meet new people to share what I do with lots of people

I wrote this poem to go with the pitch we all do to let others know exactly what our businesses are and thought I’d share it on here too


I’m the colour fairy, I make you look your best

I use my magic panels, to put you to the test

I look at eye and hair colour, to work out all my stuff

And if you add in skintone, I really have enough


Once you know your colours, your confidence it soars

Kittens turn into lions, and people hear their roars

So why not have a party or just a one to one

You’ll find out just what suits you, and even have some fun


You boys could buy a gift voucher, for any girls you know

That could be mum or girlfriend, or even neighbour Jo

Or maybe you would like to learn, the skills that I do now

Then come along and join my team, and I will show you how.


If anyone would like to find out more about joining my team then click here

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